The Common Tone Music Series seeks to highlight the creativity shared by both composed and improvised music, and bridge their gap. While attempting to forge a forward path, Common Tone remains influenced by New Orleans’ tradition of adventurous music series past, present and hopefully future, and wouldn’t exist in this form without¬† Scatterjazz, Anxious Sound, Progression, Momo Audio, Instant Opus, and Open Ears. Rooted firmly in New Orleans’ seemingly contradictory but in reality complementary traditions of experimentation, innovation, and accessibility, Common Tone is a haven for exploratory soundcraft.

The Common Tone Music Series presents concerts every Tuesday at 9:30pm at The HiHo Lounge, 2239 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA.

If you need stuff to be on Facebook for you to remember to go to it, you should visit this page: https://www.facebook.com/Common-Tone-Music-Series-254487495399507/

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Common Tone is organized by Nick Benoit and Jeff Albert. They can be reached at booking (at) commontoneseries (dot) org.